How it works

Brief us on your campaign

On receiving your brief consisting of schedule, estimated quantity, budget and pack requirements, we will prepare a quote/s and schedules.

We prepare the quote / s and schedules

Our quote will be itemised allowing you to see exactly what each stage costs. We will also provide a detailed plan explaining how we will meet your deadline. Mock-ups can also be supplied where necessary.


If the budget or the schedule are not where they need to be, we can talk to see what can be done to bring the job in line with your expectations.


Once we receive your purchase order, we will book production space and the paper required. We will check artwork and data and provide a free data audit. We will then supply you with proof artwork and personalisation. On approval we will print and email you sample enclosing packs for approval before enclosing.


We will sort your data in order for you to get the best possible price for posting your campaign. We will also ensure that consumables such as trays, post bags, post labels are ready for your campaign to go live.

We liaise with the Royal Mail or Down Stream Access (Whistl, UK Mail etc) to make sure your packs are collected and sent out on the correct day.

We will report back to you when we receive the seeds.

Order Fulfilment

At Blue Print we can receive data on a daily basis, print any stationery required, pick and pack stock ready for posting. We will then raise the relevant dockets and post your packs for you. Reports can also be provided if required.


We receive any returns by 9am and can alert you with the numbers received on a daily basis. Returns will be processed, actioned and recorded.

Stock Management

Where we handle stock for you, we will receive and acknowledge receipt of stock. We will pick stock and return stock when needed. Stocks will be monitored on a daily basis using stock reports and regular stock takes will be made and reported back to you as required.

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